Roadside Assistance

Office Phone: 983 40 34 30 - 24 Hours Office: 619 468 116

To cover all types of needs related to both rescue and towing of vehicles such as mopeds, motorcycles, cars, vans, trucks of any tonnage, coaches ... it has a fleet composed of:
  • Vehicle workshop for repair of industrial vehicles on the road (puncture repair and mounting of road covers) and recharging electric vehicles on the road.
  • Platform car cranes.
  • All terrain crane (indicated for underground garages and workshop vehicles).
  • Bucket tug for large trucks, trucks and coaches regardless of their size and volume.
  • Mobile cranes from 35 MT to 400 MT for any type of rescue
  • Gondolas with winch and ramps up to 100 MT of cargo.
  • Our specialized personnel for roadside assistance providing a fast and efficient technical service.
  • Our large tonnage work area is based in Valladolid, Palencia and Zamora.
  • Service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, currently working with the main insurance companies






We occupy a leading position in the sector thanks to the modern park of cranes that we own.


At present we have 11 aerial platforms on trucks from 45 to 101m.


To cover all types of needs related to both rescue and towing of vehicles.


To offer a quality service, we have a fleet and our staff specialized.

About Us

As a consequence of a family structure, TINLOHI S.L. result of many years of dedication to the transport.


• TINLOHI S.L, Autovía A-11, KM 354, 47193 La Cistérniga (Valladolid)
• Office Phone: 983 40 34 30
• 24 Hours Phone: 619 468 116

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